Letter to the Editor

Give musicians befitting jubilee gift

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to suggest that special honours be given to our gallant musicians who have indirectly and sometimes unconsciously contributed to the unity of our beloved country’s 73 tribes over the years, and specifically since 1964.
For those who were old enough, even the young who are keen listeners to Zambian (local) music, remember how the likes of Alick Nkhata, Paul Ngozi, Ricky Illilonga, Emmanuel Mulemena, Jaggari Chanda and others sung in other tribes other than their mother tongues.
But today almost all musicians can sing fluently in almost all the major languages, and sometimes do this on the same track.
Thanks to that great statesman, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, who championed the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ notion.
A Lozi person worked in Mansa, an Ushi worked in Mongu, a Tonga worked in Solwezi and a Bemba worked in Chipata, bringing up second and third generations of local linguistics.
This is what has contributed to the unity we are enjoying today.
Intermarriages have played a big role.
Our society has evolved so fast in that direction. We have therefore avoided deadly conflicts like those taking place in several other countries.
Peace is the best gift a society or country can have.
We all now enjoy all songs, whether they are sang in Luvale, Tonga, Lozi, Tumbuka, Lala or Kaonde.
This has brought more unity in the country.
It’s heartening to travel to Shangombo and find a Bemba song being played and enjoyed in a public place there.
So I am appealing to the jubilee organising committee to recognise our gallant musicians of old and honour them!
I also want to appeal to the leaders of Amayenge Cultural Ensemble, Air Power and the Green Labels bands to come together and come-up with a powerful jubillee anthem that should be sang in all major languages of our country.

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