Give Lungu new mandate – Chieftainess Waitwika


CHIEFTAINESS Waitwika of the Namwanga people of Nakonde has urged Zambians to vote for President Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) for delivering on their 2011 campaign promises.
Chieftainess Waitwika said in an interview here that President Lungu has demonstrated good leadership since he assumed office and deserves to be given a full mandate to continue with the PF development agenda.
She said this is not the time for the people of Zambia to experiment with national leadership but they need to vote for continuity for the country to keep enjoying unprecedented development and political stability.
The chieftainess said the PF has fulfilled most of the campaign promises it made to the people before forming Government, and that removing them from power, will not be in the interest of the country.
“President Lungu should continue. He has demonstrated good leadership and has performed very well within the short period he has been in power,” Chieftainess Waitwika said.
She observed that the PF government has literally turned the entire country into a construction site in the last four years that they have been in power and the future will be brighter if they are given another five-year mandate.
Chieftainess Waitwika said Zambia has gone through a remarkable infrastructural transformation.
“The Nakonde-Mbala road, which was neglected for a long time, has been tarred. We also have a new district hospital.
There are many other development projects taking place in our area. We are very grateful to PF for their good works,” Chieftainess Waitwika said.
She said the projects being undertaken in Nakonde and the rest of the country have greatly improved the welfare of the majority poor.

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