‘Give Lungu chance to deliver’


THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Kitwe has appealed to politicians to give President Lungu chance to work because this is the only way he will

effectively deliver on his campaign promises.
PF Kitwe district information and publicity secretary Gift Kalumba said in an interview yesterday that he is concerned that politicians are spending too much time politicking at the expense of offering objective checks and balances.
“The President was elected by the people to deliver development so all of us need to give him support. Let us not derail him by engaging in unnecessary politicking because this will derail him from his core business of delivering development to everyone,” he said.
Mr Kalumba said the larger population will be the one to lose out if timely development is not delivered.
“Too much politicking is really becoming a thorn in the flesh of our development programme as a nation. People are spending so much time criticising the leadership without offering any solutions,” he said.
Mr Kalumba said no country can sustain political campaigns from one election to the other, and that politicians must exercise wisdom and use this time to work and support the President’s efforts to deliver development, instead of politicking all the time.
He said President Lungu has shown willingness to implement development in all parts of the country.
He said the President needs the encouragement and support of all citizens for him to stay on course.
Mr Kalumba said so far, Government had delivered on its promise of reducing mealie- meal and fuel prices, as well as load shedding, and that for the gains to be sustained, all political players need to stay focused instead of getting involved in unnecessary political rhetoric that will only do the nation a disservice.
“And this is not to say that people cannot criticise the government or the President but let them do so in a constructive manner by offering solutions where they can,” he said.

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