‘Give customers change’

THE Zambia Consumer Association  (ZICA) says there is need for chain stores to adjust their pricing system in line with the denominations that are available in the country.   
ZACA executive secretary Samuel Simutunda said in an interview recently that there have been concerns raised by consumers against the pricing system of most chain stores.
“Currently there is a situation where these shops have a product priced at   K25.99, but we do not have one ngwee coins in this country. This situation has resulted in most consumers forfeiting part of their change.
“If one million customers forfeit part of their change it will mean the store will walk away with a considerable amount of money,” Mr Simutunda said.
Meanwhile, the Consumer Competition and Protection Commission (CCPC) says chain stores must price their goods without exploiting consumers.
CCPC public relations officer Hanford Chaaba said in an interview that chain stores do not necessarily have to set prices according to available denominations but they should ensure that consumers get their change in the end.
He said the pricing system should be in a way that a win–win situation is achieved between consumers and sellers.
“Consumers have a right to demand for the change regardless of how much it is. If it happens that their change is one ngwee, for instance, it means it has to be rounded off to the nearest denomination, which is a five ngwee. If there are any stores that are not giving them their change consumers are free to report to us,” he said.

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