Give Chiyangi job, money

Soccer Review with STEPHEN PHIRI
THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and Government seem to have been on a collision course on more than one front in the last few weeks.
First, it was over the under-20 women national team’s failure to travel to Morocco for the African Games; second it was FAZ president Andrew Kamanga’s letter daring Minister of Sport Emmanuel Mulenga to remove the FAZ executive and, now, it’s on the employment of the national team coach.
The girls’ failure to travel to Morocco has been widely discussed and after all was said and done, FAZ vice-president Rix Mweemba had to take back his words in a rather humbling manner.
I have known Mweemba to be a very rational man and it was wise of him to apologise to the minister.
Today, I want to focus on FAZ’s undying obsession for a foreign coach even when our trainers have come of age, if I may be allowed to use that phrase.

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