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‘Give back to your former schools’

THOSE who are financially stable should be helping their former schools which are struggling because government resources are limited, the chairman for Kabundi Secondary School Old Pupils Association (KOPA), Elijah Chabu, has said.
Mr Chabu said in an interview yesterday that Government is constrained with resources and so it is important that those who attended government schools and are now financially stable “pay back”.
“Some of us got free education from Government and are now doing extremely well in society. It is time to pay back. For example, I am a chartered accountant because of the input of Government in my life,” Mr Chabu said.
Mr Chabu has urged those working in Government and the private sector to form former pupils associations and stand up for the education facilities.
He said some government schools, especially in rural areas, are struggling in many areas and yet such schools produced some eminent citizens.
“Some pupils in these schools are limping financially. Former pupils who are doing well and