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Girlfriend accuses boyfriend’s mother of causing miscarriage

A 19-YEAR-OLD woman of Kitwe has accused her former boyfriend’s mother of being the reason she has miscarried five times.
Brenda Mwanza said her boyfriend’s mother cursed her and that is the reason she has been unable to bear children.
Mwanza was narrating in the Buchi Local Court in a case in which she was seeking court order to stop her mother’s boyfriend Mary Mwewa, 70, from using abusive language.
Mwanza told Senior Magistrate Elizabeth Banda that in 2013, she was in a relationship with Mwewa’s son but that Mwewa never liked her.
She said Mwewa used to curse her whenever she met her with her son.
“One day she beat me up in my house and used bad language. She told me that as long as she lives, I will never give birth. I have since stopped seeing her son but I have not been able to bear a child because each time I conceive, I miscarry. I have so far lost five pregnancies. I want her to reverse the curse,” she said.
But Mwewa told the court that she found Mwanza with her son in her house and chased her away. She said Mwanza then called her a witch.
The court ordered Mwewa to apologise for the words uttered against Mwanza. The court told the plaintiff to also respect elders.

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