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Girl urges peers to take school seriously

Empowering youths with knowledge on sexuality

A 15-YEAR-OLD grade 10 pupil of Monze Secondary School has urged her peers to concentrate on their education and avoid having boyfriends while in school.
Janet Maimbo said girls need to work extra hard and aim high just like their male counterparts do.
She said this in Monze on Saturday during the launch of the Monze Secondary School Alumni (MOSSA), a group of former students who have come together  to explore ways of helping the school provide a better learning environment.
The former students, who also donated 500 litres of paint at the school, held career talks with the pupils.
Making a contribution after one of the former students presented a motivational talk aimed at encouraging schoolgirls to put education first and not marriage, Jane urged her peers not to take education for granted.
“What I have learnt is that we girls are just as good as the boys in this school and it is not good to have boyfriends in school because they can distract you as you learn.
“We need to concentrate on our education now because men will always be there,” she said.
Janet also urged her peers never to get married at a tender age because child marriage is detrimental in the education of a girl child.
“It is not good to get pregnant while you are a pupil because it will take away the time you need to concentrate on your studies,” she said.
And speaking during a motivational talk, Choma district community development officer Esther Bwali urged the girls at the school to take their education seriously if they want to become productive citizens in future.
Ms Bwali, an alumna of the 1998 class, urged the girls to study hard and aim high.
“Please girls, concentrate on school, concentrate on school and do not rush to get married or have children,” she said.
Ms Bwali said the country is in dire need of more educated women to take part in the development of the nation.

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