Gina discovers singing talent

‘GOD gave me the gift to sing and praise Him so that I can be a blessing to others; a talent I never paid attention to when I was growing up,” says gospel singer Gina Mutema.
Gina launched her third album Insansa on December 6, 2015. She is based in Kabwe and says God called her to spread good news through music.
She initially did not know that singing was her calling and this new-found talent steadily unfolded with the passage of time.
“I have loved music all my childhood and I would listen to gospel music and watch different gospel music videos but I did not realise that I had a passion for music.
“As I grew older, I released that this was something that God had put in me and he really wanted me to use it for His glory,” she says.
Born in Chingola, Gina started her school at Kabundu Primary School and proceeded to Kyawama Secondary School in Solwezi.
She is the third born in a family of six, and was brought up by her mother, Janet Chipipa, whom she praises in the manner she [Janet] raised her and her siblings.
Her late mother introduced her to church activities at a tender age and encouraged her children to look to God as He cares for His children.
Gina describes her mother as a dedicated woman, who provided her children with what they needed.
Gina says she started singing at the age of six at Evangel Temple in Chingola under Bishop Aaron Ngwira.
In 1998, the gospel singer moved to Kabwe to pursue something else in her life and found herself doing secretarial at the Kabwe Skills Training Centre.
Later in 1999, she met the man of her dreams, Willies Mutema, and the two lovebirds tied the knot.
Mr Mutema is her manager and has been instrumental in helping her make strides as a gospel singer.
“My husband,” she says, “is the one who had been pushing me to pursue my career as a gospel singer as he is the one who saw it in me that this is my area of calling from God.”
According to Gina, she had her breakthrough in her career in 2003 when she released her 10-track gospel album entitled Naipela.
This achievement was followed by another album in 2006 titled Sumbulweni, which she says comes against the backdrop of difficulties she had experienced.
“I have had great support from my family, friends and the church I congregate from that have seen me through and prayed with me,” she says.
With two albums, she says this was an indication that the favour of God was with her.
Gina says music is in her blood and she writes her own songs.
She says she attempted to peruse other things in life, but has found no satisfaction like she does with music.
Gina is a member of Ebenezer Tabernacle Church in Kabwe, which is under Bishop Wilson Phiri and his wife, Janet.
Gina sings in the church choir.
The Insansa album, which has 10 songs, also features other gospel artistes.
“I came up with Insansa album after going through difficult situations and I would ask God why. Then, I just woke up one day and said enough was enough, and I decided to rejoice and let God take control of everything,” she stressed.
Gina believes that apart from her music career, God has a lot in store for her.

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