Gideon can be seen in his book

Title: The Last Fight and Other Stories
Author: Gideon Nyirenda
Publisher: Kwacha Publishing House
Pages: 60
Price: K50
GIDEON Nyirenda’s debut book, The Last Fight and Other Stories, is a collection of short stories that reads as emotive tales of human interest narratives touching on gender-based violence, alcoholism, womanising and other moral and cultural issues affecting most households nowadays, especially in the high density residential areas.
A poet and short story writer, Gideon has previously contributed his writings to many local newspapers and a poetry anthology compiled by Zambia Women Writers Association (ZAWWA) titled Under the African Skies, which was edited by poet Mbuyu Nalumango. So, he obviously comes through with a lot of experience in the genre of literary arts.
But surprisingly so, this ambitious collection of poetry reads as work still in the factory and needing word and structural fabrication. One scarcely finds a page free of errors or serious grammatical shortcomings. I fearfully wonder if a dummy copy was given to a proof-reader or an editor for correctional purposes.

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