Getting women to export

A SIMPLY Best Merchandise tailor working on a customised chitenge shirt, in SBM studio.

SYLVIA Mwansa, founder of apparel enterprise Simply Best Merchandise (SBM), has been running her business on the Zambia fashion scene for 26 years now.
Famous for coining the prestigious Kenneth Kaunda suit, dressing up prominent figures in the country such as Vera Chiluba and President Edgar Lungu, Ms Mwansa is now taking a seat on the international apparel export market.
“I am in the process of paper work for the distribution of Kenneth Kaunda branded suits to Cape Town [South Africa]. They expect at least 300 pieces and I am indeed proud of this export achievement,” says the SBM chief executive officer.
Three months ago, Ms Mwansa participated in the Apparel Textile and Footwear Expo (ATC) in Cape Town, where she was able to strike a distribution deal with a major South African manufacturing company.
This was under SheTradesZambia, which aims to increase the participation of Zambian women-owned businesses in the economy and trade by enhancing their competitiveness and strengthening their market linkages.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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