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Getting it right for Annual balls

THIS week, I am sharing tips on what attire is appropriate for a ball. As we come to the close of the year, there are a lot of annual balls that are being organised by, especially, the defence forces. Traditionally, balls are events where people dress to kill, and so, I thought tips will be appropriate on what ladies should wear because the men already have ceremonial attire specifically for such events.
Over the past few years that I have attended annual balls, I have been witness to some serious fashion disasters.
Floor length is the best
It is customary to wear a dress that is floor length for a formal ball. Some people think this is old fashioned but you can never go wrong in a floor length gown.
Short dresses
If your dress is short, make sure that it ends somewhere beneath the knees, to avoid embarrassing your partner.
Know your size
No matter what size you are, you can find a dress that fits, and covers all the right parts, but still looks classy. An over-sized dress can be uncomfortable.
Colour matters
It is not always possible to find a dress that “matches” your partner’s ceremonial attire but choose colours that will blend. Avoid any prints that try to look like an animal on safari.
Do not shop in the promotion section
There is nothing as disturbing as clashing attires at an event so do not shop in the promotion section. It is most likely that those who like last-minute shopping might settle for the dress on promotion.
I hope that these tips will help you look stunning at the ball.
Next week, I will share the history of the mess kit attire.
Have a blessed weekend.
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