Get proof of marriage, Veep tells public workers

MR AND Mrs Wang receive their marriage certificate at the civic centre after a marriage ceremony. PICTURES: SHIKANDA KAWANGA


VICE-PRESIDENT WK Mutale Nalumango has reminded couples in the civil service who do not have marriage certificates to secure them before the transfer request deadline of February 28, 2022. And stakeholders have described Government’s decision to halt separation of married couples in the civil service through transfers as a step in the right direction which will not only boost productivity, but protect the institution of marriage. Acting Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa announced in a circular dated January 11, 2022 that married couples working within the public service, judiciary and local government service should not be separated on account of transfers. Mr Kangwa said the move is meant to address issues of low productivity, broken families and to uphold existing national values, among other things. Last month, President Hakainde Hichilema directed Mr Kangwa to ensure that guidelines are set and effected to start the process of reuniting civil servants separated from their families due to transfers. In a tweet yesterday, Mrs Nalumango said: “Dear couples, I hope the news has reached your attention and you are making headway to ensuring that you formalise all the necessary marriage documents before the deadline.” The Vice-President said not too long ago, she indicated that it is neither President Hichilema’s nor her wish to see couples in the civil service living separately. “We will do all it takes to walk in the path of our campaign promises. It may not happen at once, but bear in mind that our road map to CLICK TO READ MORE

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