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Germany, Zambia partners, says envoy

GERMAN ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke says Germany has a political agenda in Zambia which is not guided by party politics or party programmes.
Mr Finke said Germany’s political agenda is guided by its long-term commitment to fundamental political principles that include the rule of law, democracy, the promotion of human rights and inclusive economic growth and welfare.
He said in a statement issued in Lusaka that in implementing the agenda, Germany has always been a reliable and predictable partner for Zambia.
“There are no surprises as to what my country stands for or what we would like to accomplish in Zambia, in close cooperation with the Government and people,” Mr Finke said.
He said Germany’s agenda in Zambia is based on bilateral agreements with the government.
Mr Finke said Germany does not impose anything on Zambia neither does the country have hidden agendas.
“We have a common understanding about what we would like to achieve together. Only a few months ago, I signed a bilateral agreement with the Minister of Finance, which foresees an increase of German development co-operation assistance to Zambia by 50 percent,” Mr Finke said.
He said the long-term relationship with Zambia is guided by a close, trustful and open dialogue on issues of mutual interest and concern.
He said when it comes to the issue of changes of government, it is entirely up to the Zambian people to elect the government of their choice.