German firm to invest in cassava

BAHATI member of Parliament Harry Kalaba says a German company, Agropro, will soon invest in value added cassava production in Mansa where it is expected to employ over 2,000 local people.

Agropro will be based in Chief Chisunka’s area where 7,000 hectares of land has been allocated for the firm’s investment activities.

Mr Kalaba, who is Minister of Foreign Affairs, has also assured that the people who will be displaced as a result of Agropro investment activities will be compensated and given new areas where they will resettle.
He said Luapula will no longer be the same as the investment will include setting up factories, building staff houses and other social amenities such as hospitals and schools.
“The number of people this company [Agropro] will employ is more than those Mansa Batteries employed, and the investment they are bringing is humongous.
“On the issues of the foreign trips we make, sometimes people will criticise that the President is travelling and his delegations. You see, these are the offshoots of the travels and interactions the head of State together with his delegations makes,” he said.
Mr Kalaba said apart from engaging in cultivation of cassava and value addition, Agropro will also support the creation of out-grower schemes through provision of a market and indirect employment opportunities for local farmers.
And Chief Chisunka appealed to Government to hasten the process of letting Agropro start operating soon.
The traditional leader told Mr Kalaba that Agropro has indicated its readiness to start operating by next month.
Meanwhile, Zesco has made progress in laying structures to connect Chief Chisunka’s area to the national electricity grid.
Chief Chisunka has since commended Government for connecting his area to the national electricity grid.


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