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Gerald Sata to take his music further

GERALD Sata, who came to national attention as a singer when he performed at the funeral of his father Michael Sata at the National Heroes Stadium, says he intends to further his bourgeoning career with studies in music.
The former Baobab College and St Albans College (Pretoria, South Africa) student, who has won a number of singing competitions, says he intends to further his musical studies abroad so as to expand his singing voice range.
Gerald is all about the voice; his genres are jazz pop, R’n’B and gospel.
He looks to Celine Dion and Luther Vandross for inspiration besides his mother Christine Kaseba.
Gerald says it is Vandross, who throughout his career was an in-demand background vocalist for many artistes, who taught him about singing with emotion. Celine inspires him on the female side because other than starting young and making it big, she has a very good vocal range.
In school, Gerald would score as high as 95 percent in vocal exams. When he went to South Africa, he took vocal as his main instrument and he has never obtained less than 80 percent marks in any test.
Gerald has been putting his voice to test on the local scene, and his audience has not been disappointed.
He recently performed with Muso Meyers at Hooliz in the light industrial area, and the audience was simply wowed.
Gerald has also been performing in schools, churches, pubs and grills.
In 2016, he performed at an orphanage in Lilayi and on January 7, he will be performing some of his songs for disabled children at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he will also give out something.
Gerald has worked with the likes of Ephraim, Pompi and Adnan Mufaya.

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