Geochemical survey results vital

MINISTRY of Mines and Minerals Development permanent secretary Paul Chanda says the recently released geo-chemical survey

will help facilitate the formalisation of mining of gold and other mineral deposits in Vubwi, Luano and Rufunsa districts.
Last week, the China geology survey centre handed over the geological and geochemical survey reports for Northern Province to the Government.
The survey involved geological, geochemical mapping and aerial survey projects aimed at providing data and geo information for mineral exploration companies to unlock mineral potential.
Mr Chanda said in an interview that the report has set a tone for the formalisation of mining activities in districts endowed with mineral resources.
“We have gold deposits in places such as Luano, Vubwi, Rufunsa and Petauke districts where we receive reports of people that are carrying out illegal mining activities.
“With this report, we will be able to know which area has what mineral and we will be able to give permits to people in those areas to do formal mining activities,” he said.
Mr Chanda said formalisation of mining activities will help preserve the country’s resources and the environment from being depleted.
“Government will even start collecting taxes in places where mining activities are formalised and we will even be able to provide a market for them [legal mine traders],” he said.

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