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Gender inequality fight on

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) women’s League in Kalomo has observed that there has been major achievements in the fight against gender inequality as evidenced by the number of women that are in decision making positions.
Kalomo PF women League chairperson Lizzie Zulu said Government has shown its commitment in spearheading gender issues by appointing many women in decision making positions and fighting gender-based violence.
Speaking at an independence braii in Kalomo last Friday, Ms Zulu said women have in the past been voiceless but today, they are the loudest in ensuring that their rights are not violated.
“Government with the support of various organisations has made favourable strides in bridging the gender inequality gap. Some women have been appointed in influential positions, this shows that women are slowly winning the fight for gender equality,” she said.
Ms Zulu said it is unfortunate that women have in the past 51 years encountered various forms of abuse such as defilement and wife battering.

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