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Hakainde Hakainde

Gen Simbeye served with distinction – HH


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has described former Zambia Army Commander General Nobby Simbeye as a man who served the country with honour and distinction. General Simbeye, who died on Saturday at Maina Soko Medical Centre in Lusaka, served as commander from 1991 to 1997, after which he was sent into foreign service, which saw Major General Solomon Mumbi taking over from him. He is one of the four former commanders to be promoted to full general, though his promotion came as he was being sent into foreign service in December 1997 by then President Frederick Chiluba, who made a raft of changes to his administration following the failed coup attempt on October 28, 1997 by Captain Steven Lungu, alias Captain Solo, and Captain Jack Chiti. On October 28, a number of soldiers took control of Mass Media Complex in an attempt to stage a coup.
The coup leaders had raided Gen Simbeye’s home hoping to capture him, take him to Mass Media for him to broadcast to the nation the take-over of the country by the army. But he escaped over a wall, with the fridge in his house which was full of Windhoek beer coming in handy. The mutineers helped themselves to the drinks and in the CLICK TO READ MORE