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GBV drowns Kitwe marriage

THE Buchi local court last week ended a 15-year old marriage on account of gender-based violence (GBV) and lack of love and respect by both husband and wife.

This is in a case in which Paul Mwewa, 35, sued his wife Getrude Masumba, 31, for divorce on grounds that he could no longer tolerate her love for alcohol and threats to commit suicide whenever the couple had differences.
Mwewa narrated that he married Masumba in 2002 and that the couple has four children.
He complained that his wife usually abused him verbally whenever she was drank and that repeated efforts to sit her down have not yielded any positive results because there is no change in her behaviour.
Mwewa said he could no longer continue living with a wife that did not like visitors whether from his side or her side of the family.
He said her behaviour had pushed him away to an extent of deciding to leave home and staying with a friend.
Mwewa said when he decided to take her back to her parents; they refused to take her in and demanded that he (Mwewa) first replaces the two teeth missing from her mouth.
But Masumba said problems in her marriage were usually caused by her in-laws who had an upper hand in everything.
She complained that at one time, her sisters-in-law beat her up to an extent that she lost two of her teeth.
Masumba said her in-laws always accused her of going after their brother’s money and did everything possible to frustrate her.
She said recently, her husband beat her up so badly that she decided to hide in the ceiling board to avoid being seen naked by onlookers.
Buchi senior local court magistrates Elita Bwalya and Caroline Mbewe dissolved the marriage on grounds that there was no respect from both parties.
The court also observed that GBV could lead to loss of life if left unchecked.
They added that there was no love in the marriage as could be seen by Mwewa’s behaviour of deserting the matrimonial home at will.
The court ordered Mwewa to compensate Masumba with K10,000 in monthly instalments of K500, starting with K1000 this month-end.
The couple was also ordered to sell their matrimonial house and share the proceeds equally.


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