Gassing saga: Truths and myths

POLICE have been deployed to unravel criminal activities related to gassing of homes and institutions.

HEART-BROKEN by the loss of her first-born son, Astridah Moonga cannot hold tears back as she narrates how Sydney Moonga, 17, succumbed to bullet wounds on February 13.
Sydney, who was a Grade 12 pupil at Libala Secondary School, is alleged to have been shot on the jaw by police during a riot in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township.
Residents of Kanyama rioted following reports of suspected ritual killings in the area which resulted in the beating to death of an unidentified man. The riotous mob subsequently blocked roads and damaged some private and public properties.
Mrs Moonga laments that she does not understand how her son, who she had sent to buy detergent paste, was caught up in a fracas in which he was killed.
“On that day, I sent my son to buy washing paste at a nearest shop because he wanted to wash his uniform. On his way back, he met a crowd which was being dispersed by the police. As he tried to escape, he got shot in the jaw, fell to the ground and died,” Ms Moonga said.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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