Ganja cake pupils fined K5,000

TWO grade 11 pupils of a named school in Ndola have been fined K5,000 each by the Ndola Magistrate’s Court for feeding two teachers on a cake lacedwith marijuana.
Ms Bubala Sikalunda also ordered the juveniles to pay K1,000 to each of the teachers for the pain and suffering they caused them.
“In your own admission of the offences, I find you guilty as charged and I accordingly convict you. I fine each of you K5,000, and I further order that you compensate each of the teachers with K1,000 each for the pain and suffering that you caused them. The money should be paid today by 17:00 hours,” Ms Sikalunda said.
The juveniles aged 16 and 17 gave a cake laced with marijuana to Muma Mulenga and Chisanga Mulenga on World Teachers’ Day commemoration on October 10, this year.
The juveniles, who are male and female, were charged with trafficking in marijuana and inducing another to take the substance.

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