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THROUGH his latest and third album titled Through It All, Copperbelt-based gospel artiste calling himself Gabby Lesa Mandefu has simply found his destiny which all began when he was still a teenager.
After giving-up his less inspiring secular music career in 2000, the 34-year-old Gabby said he had a conviction which compelled him to turn to the cross for Salvation.
The album, which he will be launching at Broadway Hall in Ndola on May 4, is a well-packed project aimed at ministering to many souls.
After releasing his debut album titled Ku Calo Cipya in 2010, Gabby shares that he became popular among the gospel worshippers, especially through the songs Bwacha Luchelo, Mwekatula Waluse and Eko Mwamfumya.
Soon, Gabby was walking strong in the direction of Jesus and went on to release his sophomore album in 2016 which he had titled Destiny and thus his destiny was secured through the content of its songs.
And talking about his latest album, which also contains the song Destiny, from his previous one, Gabby says it is a testimonial package from his heart because of what he has been through in his young life.
“Through It All is my life testimony because when I look back at what I have been through, I can safely say I have been through it all, be it pain or trials, God has ever forsaken me,” said the first born in a family of six.
Gabby also acknowledges that when God promises, he will never leave you even in the very burning fire, he fulfils what he says.
While in secular music, Gabby reckons he was like what he sings in his song titled Umwana Wampanga (lost child), yet he now testifies in another song Ukwabula Imwe (without Jesus), he would not have achieved enough in life.
For Jesus to become his comforter, he had to allow Him come into his heart as he croons in the song Ikila (come down) and thus One Day is another song which confirms all what he is today.
Other songs which make-up this amazing album include the remix of Oko Mwamfumya Ba Yahweh, Masiku Yano, Kuli Lesa Fyalinaka and Nkumyenko.
Supporting artistes during his album launch will include Reuben, Toliwe, Petershakes and The Yellow Dove, while the hilarious comedians Mwine Mushi and Kasaka will spice the event.
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