G-Greens 3 opens at The Frog

THE complexion of entertainment around Levy Business Park in Lusaka is about to change with G-Greens 3 expected to officially open tonight at The Frog where it will start on a high by hosting Macky II.
Yes, it may not be located within Levy Mall but those that have followed the happenings at the other G-Greens located off Tokyo Road in Lusaka’s Lilayi area, have an idea of how it will impact on life on Kabelenga Road and the surrounding areas.
If G-Greens in Lilayi is known for hosting students from Apex University, then the one taking over from The Frog will equally be a haven for students from the surrounding colleges; and they are a lot of them.
This is the end for The Frog as it has been known by its faithful patrons.
The fans of salsa and kizomba may have to look elsewhere now for their practices and shows unless the new management decides to maintain the old legacy.
For those who used to enjoy The Frog for its mature atmosphere and quietness, they may have to look elsewhere. Students from the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS), Evelyne Hone College, Fairview College and National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA) may instead welcome the transformation of The Frog.
This may also include all those patrons who used to trek all the way to Lilayi to enjoy the G-Greens hospitality, which includes goat (mbuzi) meat.  Yes, Levy Mall may be full of fast foods, but few will rival the goat at G-Greens which is reputed for its Tanzanian touch in its preparation.
As the offering for the official opening today, though, it will be Macky II performing. The difference between this and The Frog is that if the former management was going to have a show, it was perhaps with musicians who are likely to play live like, the Fossils Rock Band celebrating the life of Jimi Hendrix.
But those days are behind now; it is a new era for The Frog.

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