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FSD Zambia chief executive officer Betty Wilkinson speaking during the signing ceremony in Lusaka.

FSD Zambia, Cheshire strike financial literacy partnership


Over 1,200 children with disabilities from different schools in Eastern province will stand to benefit through financial literacy opportunities offered in a partnership between Financial Deepeening Sector (FSD) Zambia and Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia. FSD Zambia chief executive officer Betty Wilkinson speaking during the signing ceremony in Lusaka, said the partnership has been made possible with support from the Swedish International Development Cooporation Agency (SIDA). The two organisations have partnered on a three-year project themed “Financial inclusion for children, women and youth with disabilities”. “Few persons with disabilities can attain a high level of specialised education due to system- wide obstacles and cultural barriers. The project will strengthen parent support groups and aims to increase the financial literacy of 1,200 children with disabilities across 40 schools in eastern province over three-years,” she said. She said Cheshire Homes’ programme development from education and incorporation into society helps ensure people with disabilities have opportunities for good livelihoods, access to essential services and sustainable futures. “We believe this programme will change their lives for the better, contribute to breaking the brutal cycle of poverty and disability, and usher this demographic into sustained prosperity,” she said. And Kaminga Ng’uni, executive director at Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia, said synergy is the pillar of the organisation’s strategic focus. “We highly respect and appreciate the rich knowledge and expertise that FSD Zambia brings to the disability sector,” he said. He said the partnership will provide financial education to school-going children with disabilities through financial literacy campaigns. Other key components of the partnership will include the creation and support of over 30 financial savings groups that will reach over 750 caregivers. The project will also strengthen saving groups with enhanced saving and financial skills, including entrepreneurial skills, allowing members to run businesses better, leading to improved economic conditions and housing improvements. CLICK TO READ MORE