From Railways, women Mess in the Woods

AFTER the usual march past and speeches to mark the International Women’s Day at Railways Grounds on Wednesday, most women in Kabwe flocked to the ZAF [Zambia Air Force] Mess, Buffalo Woods and Upshots among other social places for a different feel-some real entertainment.
At Kabwe ZAF Mess and Buffalo Woods, it was Drimz’s responsibility to add to the joy of the women who had thronged to these two venues.
And the moment he started his performance with his two dancers, it was clear that this was not going to be a dull occasion.
He was indeed at home, his home-town. Even his songs were at home; the audience responded to them warmly.
The patrons loved it when his dancers-a female and male-danced to Ama Dance Yamu Lolo.
But it was only one of the many songs that the Sault Muli Soup singer performed at the two venues. Drimz also performed songs like Dolosi, Ireen Mambilima, Musunge Mushe and a new song Saana.
Oh, and at the Mess, he performed Pwetete. This is a revamped vision of  Professor P.K Chishala’s hilarious song about the lamentations of a woman who is fed up with her husband’s drinking habits.
The women enjoyed themselves; after all, there was a lot to drink at the Mess. It is little wonder the celebrations extended into the night.
But that was not the only entertainment in town; at Sonets, Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube was treating over 2000 women to a feast.
But what party goes on without music? The lawmaker had invited Lumbani Madoda to entertain the women as the celebrated their day.
It was a familiar venue for Lumbani Madoda having performed there on New Year’s Eve. But like photographer Marek Patzer would say, that was many drinks ago. Lumbani Madoda came with their latest offering of kalindula and mantyantya. They performed songs like Kyawama, Tuyenga Balongo Bami, Lesa Tupepa Wamweo and Kalimetobo.
Oh, even at Sonets, there was a bit of P.K Chishala — Lumbani Madoda performed Naluntutwe, a gospel version of P.K’s Chibyabya.

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