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FRA, pay seasonal workers their dues

Dear editor,
I WRITE to appeal to the Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Dora Siliya, to compel Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to have a human face and pay its contractual seasonal workers.

FRA has not paid depot clerks, guards and loaders their November 2017 salaries, yet on several occasions the media has reported that Government has released colossal sums of money to the agency.
With this information, the contractual workers who were engaged to help the agency with various works feel cheated, actually not appreciated, after offering their services to FRA.
What is important to note also is the fact that these employees are mainly youths who sought to earn a living by undertaking such tedious jobs.
It is therefore unfair for FRA not to have paid the workers November salaries when the season has already closed.
It is also important that the ministry puts in place a deliberate policy which will compel the agency to pay contractual workers before the season ends to avoid inconveniencing people, especially those deployed in far-flung areas.
So, FRA should own up and pay these youths their dues.

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