FRA depots ease farmers’ load

FOR a long time, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has had challenges when buying maize from farmers countrywide due to various factors, chief among them getting the grain from far-flung areas to central depots.
Farmers were required to transport their maize to FRA main holding depots, usually at a huge cost.
Apart from bearing costs of transporting the maize to the depots, they also had to buy their own empty grain bags to package the commodities.
But farmers can now breathe a sigh of relief with the setting up of mobile satellite depots by FRA.
The agency has established the satellite depots countrywide in various villages to cut on transport costs on the farmer. The agency is also providing bags for farmers to package their maize.
This move has come as a blessing to many farmers in Eastern Province, one of the country’s most productive regions for maize, who were hesitant to sell their maize to the agency, fearing to bear the cost of transportation and packaging of their maize.
Farmers expressed their happiness about the new arrangement when FRA executive director Chola Kafwabulula visited the province recently to check on how the CLICK TO READ MORE

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