Letter to the Editor

Fourth mobile operator Uzi Zambia welcome on board

Dear editor,
THE Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has announced the arrival of a fourth mobile operator in Zambia.
When ZICTA announced the opening up of the bids for the fourth operator, we assumed it was Vodafone’s time to go voice after having been providing data since it started operating in Zambia.
However, ZICTA has shocked the country by naming Uzi, a little-known mobile operator only operating in four countries as the successful bidder.
We are now looking forward to Uzi Zambia Limited, a subsidiary of Unitel International Holdings BV, a Netherlands-based company.
The company has presence in Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde and Portugal.
For some of us, it is not so much about the size of Uzi but the quality of service on voice and data, which we want to experience.
We hope they start selling SIM cards soon.
Meanwhile, ZICTA should have used the same window to introduce two or three more so that it does not leave to speculations why Vodafone was denied full-time licence to operate voice services.
Vodafone should not lose heart and close shops, but persevere – the sympathy we have for you will compel ZICTA to grant you a licence without bidding again.
Congratulations UZI Zambia.

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