Formalise trade at Kasumbalesa one-stop border – ACU

NKWETO MFULA, Kasumbalesa
AFRICA Consumer Union (ACU) has called on Government to formalise trade at the Kasumbalesa one-stop border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) following increased trading activities at the facility.

ACU vice-president Muyunda Ililonga said in an interview that there is increased trade at Kasumbalesa border post which is beneficial to consumers from both countries.

“What is required now at Kasumbalesa border post is well formalised and organised trade that will add value for consumers’ money,” he said.
Mr Ililonga said increased business activities have resulted in both traders and consumers benefiting from commodities at the border.
Local traders ferry agricultural produce, groceries, foodstuffs and alcohol from around the country to trade at the border with foreign buyers from across the border in the DRC.
“Traders market both local and foreign goods, which is good for consumers,” he said.
And Mr Ililonga said the Kasumbalesa one-stop border is a strategic facility which should be utilised by traders for their improved livelihood.
He said the peaceful environment at Kasumbalesa is conducive for traders and consumers.
And one of the traders, Gilbert Lukwesa, said there are many people trading at Kasumbalesa.
“We do business at the border as there is a readily available market especially in agricultural produce,” he said.


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