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Form cooperatives, participate in agriculture, youths urged

FARMERS in a maize field.

PANOS Institute Southern Africa (PSAf) has urged girls and boys of appropriate age to participate in agriculture by forming youth cooperatives to assist them to raise income to support their households financially.
In a report entitled ‘Child marriage is a violation: End it now’, PANOS says apart from the agriculture sector, there are many other activities that adolescents can participate in to end economic vulnerability of their families.
“The youths can also take part in Savings and Village Banking where they can form direct linkages to organisations that support formation of savings groups in order to acquire adequate knowledge and information on the operational requirements,” PANOS notes
It says this will help the boys and girls to raise money for their school requirements as well as contribute to their household financial resources.
According to the report, there is further need for adolescents who do not proceed through the formal education system to progress into skills training education.
The report says this will allow them to gain skills in crafts that they can employ for generating incomes, adding that the practical training is expected to foster youth employment creation.
Meanwhile, PANOS also says the role of community leaders in addressing economic vulnerability cannot be overemphasised.
The organisation says community leaders can raise awareness on available poverty reduction initiatives and services as well as how to access them.
PANOS says this will enable the communities to identify appropriate programmes and services that will allow them to meet their household financial requirements.
“Community leaders that represent financial institutions can build the capacities of community members to form and manage savings groups and village banks, including providing knowledge on capital growth and investment,” PANOS says.
PANOS says they can also build capacities of community members in business management skills so that members of savings groups can increase their funds in business that they can effectively grow for increased income.

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