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Forestcol: Kabwe’s short-lived dream

FORESTCOL Fertiliser Zambia Limited, one of the promising investments in recent years in Kabwe, went under about two years later, and there are signs it will reopen soon.
Situated in Makandanyama area, the company, whose investment sum was about K200 million in 2018, raised hope of reviving the economy of Kabwe and satisfying a yawning market for fertiliser.
The company’s investment was also seen as an indication that the former lead and zinc mining town was still a favourable investment destination in Zambia.

Forestcol fertiliser plant

Forestcol Fertiliser Zambia Limited’s investment allowed for the setting up of a fertiliser processing plant of 150 metric tonnes production capacity.
The firm also promised to create an initial 200 jobs and another 200 at full capacity.
However, bad debtors, among the agro-dealers and individuals, forced the firm to close down, living workers and prospective employees in disarray.
“Our aims and goals are to produce high-quality fertiliser that will enable farmers to get the value for their money,” Forestcol Fertiliser Zambia Limited director Kelvin Wangu said.
His company was going to contribute to the growth of the agriculture sector in Zambia through production of high-quality fertiliser suitable for maize and other cash crops.
With availability of market, Forestcol Fertiliser Zambia Limited management was confident the company would bridge the gap that existed between the demand and supply of fertiliser in the country.
“We want to ensure that no farmer is left behind in the growth of the agriculture sector,” Mr Wangu said.
Government saw the investment of Forestcol Fertiliser Zambia Limited as a sign of economic recovery in Kabwe.
The previous Government had prioritised the agriculture sector as one of the engines of economic growth, hence it was important for farmers to easily access affordable farm inputs.
“Our interest as Government is to attract as many investors as possible so that we give a rebirth to Kabwe, a town which some years back was very vibrant with regard to economic activities,” former President Edgar Lungu said during the commissioning of the fertiliser plant in CLICK TO READ MORE