Forest 27, mukula probe

Mukula logs.

FOR Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), one of the disappointing aspects of the recent reports released by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) was the lack of information on the mukula trade. But if the FIC 2020 annual and typology reports did not give much on the illegal harvest and export of the prohibited mukula or rosewood, there is still hope. New Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Elijah Muchima is determined to bring to book all those who took part in the illegal sale of mukula. “We shall investigate how the mukula was being exported to other countries amidst a ban,” Mr Muchima said. “We shall visit borders to investigate the names of people and companies who were behind those illegal acts. “We were told that only ZAFFICO [Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation] was allowed to sell the mukula logs which existed before the ban was effected. But we kept seeing trucks and containers of mukula going out of the country, we shall not rest until CLICK TO READ MORE

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