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Foreigners flooding Zambian markets, corridors

Dear editor,
I HAVE noted with sadness how for some time now foreign nationals have flooded our Zambian markets and shop corridors all in the name of doing business.
I sometimes wonder if actually most of these foreigners even have valid permits to not only conduct their businesses but to stay in Zambia.
Meanwhile, Zambian nationals cannot easily conduct such businesses in foreign countries with impunity without host countries laws visiting them.
Taking a random check around our markets and corridors will attest to this scenario, which sooner or later could be a time bomb.
Zambia has been taken for a ride and one wonders whether relevant authorities are seeing this and have just kept a blind eye for whatever reason.
Let us not compromise our security because we may not know what else these foreign nationals come with or are capable of doing.
We should not trade our being a Christian nation for our peace and I therefore urge relevant authorities to clean up this mess before it is too late.
Some of these foreign nationals actually demean Zambian traders with impunity as if this is their homeland.