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‘She forced a married man to marry her’

IT IS rare for a woman to ask a to marry her but this was what happened to a man of Ntiba-ntiba village in Rufunsa district.
Watson Miti, 50, told the Mpanshya Local Court how Vanalese Sakala, 41, forced him to marry her despite telling her that he was a married man.
“Before asking for marriage, she forced me to have sex with her and  also pleaded with me to sire a child with her and pay for her bride price,” Miti narrated.
The matter was presided by Justice Phillip Phiri in a case in which Sakala sued Miti of the same village for divorce. The two got married in 2009.
Shockingly, after Sakala lured Miti to marry her, she started complaining saying he was too old to sustain her beauty.
“Sakala deserted me when I became ill and fortunately, my first wife came to nurse me,” Miti said.
He however said it was surprising to see Sakala becoming jealous of his first wife when she was aware that he was already married.
Miti also said he suspected Sakala of allegedly having an affair with his brother, an accusation she denied.
But Sakala stated that before Miti married her, he promised that he will never reconcile with his first wife.
“I was then shocked when he had sex with his first wife when she came to visit and they even moved in together,” she said.
Sakala further said her husband refused to reconcile with her when both families met to discuss the problem.
Passing judgment, the court dissolved their marriage and Miti was ordered to finish paying the balance of bride price. He was also ordered to be paying child support of K200 monthly.

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