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Floods block schools reopening


ABOUT 55 pupils at Muyanda and Bulebo primary schools in Mbabala constituency failed to report for class yesterday because the bridges they use to access the learning facilities were washed away by heavy rains recently. And in Kalomo, 10 schools reopened without roofs after they were blown off during a downpour, forcing authorities to compact pupils in few classes that still have roofs. In an interview yesterday, Mbabala Member of Parliament Joseph Munsaje said affected pupils live across streams and rely on the collapsed bridges to get to their schools, but they could not make it to class yesterday. Mr Munsanje said parents with children at the two schools have made makeshift bridges using wood and ladders to enable the juvenile learners to cross the streams, but that 55 of them still could not manage to cross. “The two schools are affected as some of the pupils who live across will not be able to cross the streams. We saw the head teacher for Muyanda Primary School testing how pupils may cross the stream by going on a ladder put up by community members. “So at Miyanda School, out of the 55 pupils who attempted to CLICK TO READ MORE