Flirting with danger for survival

LUCY LUMBE, Livingstone
FOR MANY people, training or playing with some of the world’s dangerous animals may not be considered fun or a risk worth taking, but this is the job Ian Ngwenya has devoted his life to.
Guide and animal trainer are some of the titles Ian holds but the 54-year-old describes himself as an animal lover who is able to communicate and interact with wild animals.
He trains and interacts with wild animals such as cheetahs, lions, elephants, buffalos among others.
Ian says he developed a liking for animals at a young age.
“Ian was born in Zimbabwe. I grew up on a farm, my father used to keep domestic animals at the farm. We had a wide range of animals including cows, pigs and donkeys. For fun I remember we would do donkey rides at the farm. For me, through my interaction with the animals on the farm I can say this is where my love for animals started,” Ian says.
Ian, who works as operations manager at Mukuni Big Five Safaris, says he developed an interest in reading about animals and birds when he was still in secondary school.
During his school days he enjoyed visiting the bush with his friends. This gave him an opportunity to explain to them about the animals and CLICK TO READ MORE

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