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FISP hasn’t achieved objective, says NGO

THE Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI) says despite Government spending a lot of money on the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), the objective of the plan has not been achieved.
The FISP was introduced to ensure timely, effective and adequate supply of agricultural inputs to targeted small-scale farmers to increase crop production at household and national levels to safeguard food security.
IAPRI researcher Rhoda Mukuka said Government should redesign FISP to ensure the scheme benefits the targeted farmers.
She said in a presentation at a Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock indaba recently that people implementing the FISP should ask themselves whether the programme has achieved its objectives of improving food security, raising incomes and reducing poverty.
“There is persistent high rural poverty despite heavy spending on input subsidies by Government.
“These questions remain unanswered, on whether Government should rethink what kind of input support is provided to farmers and what kind of support is required. Should Government rethink who should receive these inputs because the objectives of the FISP have not been realised,” she said.
Mrs Mukuka said the distribution of inputs under FISP is still faced with various challenges, citing delays in the delivery of farming equipment, and poor targeting of farmers or beneficiaries.

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