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Fishmongers raping girls to boost trade

FISH mongers of Nchelenge district in Luapula Province are reportedly on the rampage defiling girls in a bid to boost their trade.
Nchelenge district commissioner Royd Chakaba said the fishmongers have embraced a myth from witch doctors that when they sleep with young girls, the fish harvest increases.
“There is a myth circulating from witch doctors in the district that when fishmongers sleep with young girls, they develop ‘powers’ to trap more fish. This act has resulted in an increase in the number of defilement cases in the area,” Mr Chakaba said.
Mr Chakaba said in an interview that recently, World Vision, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), hosted a workshop for civic and traditional leaders to sensitise them on the need to protect children, especially girls.
He said the sensitisation programme seeks to protect young girls from vices such as sexual abuse and early marriages, which are subsequently a hindrance to empowerment of women.
“The provincial administration has also started working with traditional leaders in Nchelenge district to educate them on the need to protect the rights of girls.
“Children, especially girls, are supposed to be protected and nurtured in a manner that will enable them grow up into responsible citizens and contribute meaningfully to the development of the country,” he said.
Mr Chakaba said it is unfortunate that girls are being defiled even by their biological fathers who are supposed to offer protection.
He urged other NGOs operating in the country to visit Nchelenge and educate people on the importance of protecting and educating a girl child.

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