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Fisherwoman ditches marriage for fisherman’s love

A SEVENTY-TWO-year-old man of Kitwe has told the Bulangililo Local Court how his wife of 33-years deserted their matrimonial home and got married to a

fisherman, whom she told she was a widow.
Before the court was Clato Kapindula, who sued Sarafina Sevente for reconciliation following their endless disputes over infidelity and a house they own together.
Kapindula told the court that the two got married in 1984 but there have been constant fights in their marriage since 1989 because of a house he bought using his retirement package.
He also told the court that when he retired, he gave his wife some money to start a fish business which she bought in Luanshya and sold it at Kasumbalesa border post in Chililabombwe.
He cited an incident where his wife left Luanshya for business but disappeared from the matrimonial home for three years.
Kapindula told the court that he began to hear rumours that his wife was married to a fellow fish monger, whom she told she was a widow.
“People started telling me that my wife was married to another man as she claimed that she was a widow and even traditional cleansing was performed. She only returned when she heard that I was sick,” Kapindula said.
He said his wife no longer sleeps in the matrimonial bedroom because of the disputes.
But Sevente told the court that Kapindula is the one with a problem because he divorces and remarries frequently and that she was his fifth wife.
“I am the fifth wife he has married now, he also has a habit of insulting me and calling me all sorts of names in front of our children, he has no respect for me as his wife,” she said.
Sevente claimed she renovated the house Kapindula bought but she is surprised that her husband is claiming sole ownership of the house to register it in the names of the children he has from a previous marriage.
Bulangililo senior local court magistrate Kambole Nyoni counselled the couple and advised them to reconcile because they are supposed to be role models of their children and society at large on account of their age.
“Marriage is an institution. Your children are learning something from your conduct. There is need for you to live in peace and set a good example for your children,” magistrate Nyoni said.