‘Fish sector requires monitoring’

THE Indaba Agricultural Policy and Research Institute (IAPRI) says Zambia needs to devise effective monitoring and regulation systems that support the development of the aquaculture sector.
According to a report released by IAPRI on the Fisheries Sector in Zambia: Status, Management, Challenges and Opportunities, the institute revealed that harmonisation of the relevant legal framework is cardinal if the fish sector is to thrive.
The report says the fish sector is currently faced with various challenges affecting its full maximisation, citing low productivity, limited public resources, lack of proper fish storage facilities, and lack of quality fingerlings and feed.
IAPRI says other challenges include unknown stock biomass in major fishery bodies, inadequate number of breeding centres for fingerlings and limited access to credit.
“The fish sector faces weak institutional arrangements and regulatory frameworks, and this calls for the harmonisation of the relevant legal framework as well as effective regulation and monitoring of fish,” the institute says.
The institute also said fish production has declined over time due to destructive fishing methods.
IAPRI says the review of the capture fisheries management strategies as well as the formulation of the fisheries sector policy should be implemented to help address some of the challenges affecting the sector.

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