First ever community radio station opens in Mufumbwe

MUFUMBWE is set to have its first ever community radio station to be launched next month following Government’s approval of an application by a group of residents.
Mufumbwe Community Radio Station is an initiative of seven residents who are concerned about the lack of information among local people, especially the youth.
Project secretary Zachues Musumali said in an interview yesterday that the radio station is already registered with the Patent and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) and the local authority.
“We are lucky because Government has already given us K30,000 out of the K60,000 we applied for from the Youth Empowerment Fund.
“It is from this money that we have managed to buy two desktop computers and we shall use part of the money to purchase and mount a mast,” Mr Musumali said.
He said an office block has already been secured and a station manager, accountant and reporter will be engaged to manage the community radio station.
He said the station will help to create employment not just in Mufumbwe but the entire country.
Mr Musumali also said the radio station will be a training ground for upcoming journalists wishing to work for big media houses like Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, Muvi TV and others.

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