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Fired disabled’s boss drags minister to court


MINISTER of Community Development and Social Services Doreen Mwamba’s decision to suspend acting Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) director general Julien Mwape has attracted a lawsuit. Ms Mwape was suspended for allegedly authorising the harvest and sale of timber from Cottage Farmland belonging to ZAPD in Luapula Province. The minister alleged that Ms Mwape authorised clearing of the farmland under the pretext that the exercise was to prepare the land for agricultural purposes or to raise income meant to empower people with disabilities. Ms Mwape has sued the State contending that Ms Mwamba’s decision to suspend her was in excess of her jurisdiction because only the ZAPD board has power to do so. She has since asked Lusaka High Court to quash Ms Mwamba’s decision, especially that she was not given an opportunity to exonerate herself before being ‘iced’. Ms Mwape further wants the court to award her costs relating to the legal suit. She has cited Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha as the respondent in the matter she is seeking an ex parte (one-sided) leave to apply for judicial review to challenge her suspension. In the court documents, Ms Mwape submits that through a letter dated March 13, 2018, the ZAPD board employed her as acting director of the agency. “I verily believe that I performed my duties diligently, which duties are CLICK TO READ MORE

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