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Finland spends €58m to support economy

THE Finnish government has between 2013 and 2015 given Zambia about €58 million to support various sectors of the economy.
Finnish embassy chargé d’affaires Mauri Starckman said his country provided support in areas of agriculture, private sector development, environment and natural resources management and governance in the period under review.
“Our disbursements over the past three years have been roughly €27 million in 2013, €19 million in 2014 and €12 million in 2015,” Starckman said in response to a press query.
Mr Starckman said the Finnish government has this year budgeted about 12 million euros to support various sectors under its country strategy.
“Our budget this year is about €12 million [while] the budget for the coming few years will remain around 10 million euros a year,” he said.
He also said Finland has provided about US$ 600 million to Zambia since 1972 as part of the development cooperation between the two countries.