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Finish works before onset of rains, contractors urged

GOVERNMENT has directed contractors building the 650 health posts to shift their work attention to hard-to-reach areas before the onset of the rains.
Deputy Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said Government is spending US$55 million on constructing of 650 health posts across the country, and will not entertain excuses of failure to deliver on time due to inaccessibility of certain areas as a result of the rains.
Dr Chilufya made the directive after touring health posts in Nalolo and Limulunga districts here on Thursday.
“This is the time for all the contractors building the health posts to go and start works in the hard to reach areas because the rain season will be here in the next few months.
“Therefore, we are directing all the contractors to starts works in the hard-to-reach areas so that we do not have any excuses to give at the onset of the rain season,” he said.
Dr Chilufya said there are many areas, such as islands, where contractors failed to mobilise work on time, but the problem will be worse when the rains start.
He said contractors should take advantage of this period when the weather is friendly to expedite their works especially in hard-to-reach areas.
Dr Chilufya also directed Megha Engineering and Infrastructure to start excavation works at Sipungu and Mande health centres in Nalolo.
“Sipungu and Mande are hard- to reach. The contractor has been directed to start works tomorrow (today) and the provincial infrastructure officer will stay here in Nalolo to ensure that works commence and that the contractor does not delay,” he said.
The deputy minister is, however, impressed that the contractor building 64 health posts in Western Province has finished Mukukutu centre in Nalolo and Miulwe in Limulunga.
“I am happy that here in Nalolo at Mukukutu, we have completed the construction of the first health post. This is structure was built at a cost of US$86, 000. This is a milestone for us in a bid to deliver health services as close to the people as possible,” he said.

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