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‘Finish paying K2,000 balance of bride price’

A PICK’ n ‘PAY employee has been ordered by the Chelstone Local Court to finish paying the remaining K2,000 for bride price, which was pegged at K6,000.
This was heard before presiding magistrate Hope Mwila in a case in which Nelia Zimba, 38, sued Billy Zulu, 28 for payment of bride price.
Zimba told the court that Zulu was charged K6,000 before he married her sister last year but he paid only K4,000.
But Zulu wondered why he has been dragged to court when he has never been reminded over the amount he still owed.
However, the court questioned why Zulu needed a reminder to meet his obligation.
The court ordered that Zulu starts paying in K250 instalments, beginning next month.

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