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Fighting God’s will has consequences

AFTER the August 11, 2016 general elections, the print, electronic and social media have been carrying reports about one opposition party leader who has been holding flamboyant press conferences at his home to brief the nation, through the members of the press, of his opinion about the state of the nation.
Visiting Lusaka recently, my colleague told me that he had been invited as a member of the press to attend the opposition leader’s weekly press conference. Out of curiosity and interest in national development issues, I accompanied my colleague so that I could see first-hand what goes on at these now infamous press conferences.
After a while of arriving, the press conference began with splendour and confirmed what the print, electronic and social media have been reporting of what goes on at these events.
The opposition leader, who sat flanked by his right-hand men, spoke with confidence but soon veered out of course and the language degenerated into what every Zambian is now familiar with, disparaging and derogatory remarks made about the President and the PF government.
All sort of treasonable and unprintables were uttered against the Speaker of the National Assembly, members of the Judiciary and any one deemed to be against the opposition leader and his political party. The right-hand men acknowledged every statement made with a smile and nodded their heads in approval.
Like many Zambians, I was left wondering at the end of the press conference of what will bring this behaviour to an end so that the country could move on.
As a Christian, the only counsel to the opposition leader is that the Bible is full of events and stories about the consequences of this kind of behaviour where a human being, out of ignorance, thinks he or she is fighting for the people but in reality and unknowingly, is actually fighting the will of God.
The best examples in the Bible are those of King Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel, King Pharaoh in Exodus chapter 9, and David’s son Absalom in Samuel chapter 18. These examples demonstrate the sovereignty of God over the affairs of men on earth and how human wealth, power and authority can blind a human being to an extent where the will of God is seen as an impediment to one’s ambition and success.
Human pride, wealth, power and authority over fellow men can also lead one to a situation where any advice or counsel from a fellow human being is considered worthless. Taking it personal and refusing to recognise the results of the August 11 general elections and the legitimacy of Mr Edgar Lungu as President of our Christian nation and going to an extent of declaring the time and month when one will be inaugurated as the new President of Zambia is putting too much trust in one’s wealth, power and authority.
They say vox populi, vox dei, (the voice of the people, is the voice of God). Fighting God’s will and the voice of the people has grave consequences as King Nebuchadnezzar, King Pharaoh, David’s son Absalom and many others in the Bible found out.
It is for this reason that all peace loving Zambians, family members, the clergy, traditional leaders and foreign dignitaries who relate to some of these opposition political party leaders need to urgently counsel about the consequences of fighting the will of God.
You are better off as a human being to leave things in the hands of God and let God fight for you if you are deeply aggrieved about what other human beings have done to you. If it is human machination that declared the results of the August 11 general election and the inauguration of Mr Lungu as the President of Zambia, the sovereign God has His own way of settling scores here on earth and in heaven.
It is not being naïve to swallow human pride and realise that there is a supreme God above who is in charge of the affairs of our country.
The experience of King Nebuchadnezzar, King Pharaoh and David’s son Absalom should serve as a larger meaning of the humbling power and submission to the will of God. Regardless of the situation, there should never be a contest between the sovereignty God and a human being.
The opposition party leaders demeaning Mr Lungu as President and the people of Zambia who overwhelmingly voted for him even in the opposition strongholds must seriously reflect on their actions. God should never be mocked with human knowledge, wisdom, pride, and wealth, it brings disastrous consequences.
King Nebuchadnezzar, King Pharaoh and David’s son Absalom felt very secure in their palaces with their human wealth, power and authority but the day to recognise the power and authority of the most high God came with devastating consequences.
Surely, for the thousands and millions of Zambians across the country to heed the call from the President of the Republic of Zambia to pray and fast for unity, love, peace and reconciliation in the country is clear writing on the wall for anyone to see that, ‘this is the decision of the alert and watchful angels. So then, let all people everywhere know that the Supreme God has power over human kingdoms and that he can give them to anyone he chooses – even to those who are the least important’ (Daniel 4:17).
The author is an international associate, African Centre for Disaster Studies.

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