Fibrecom talks digital migration

FIBRECOM has committed US$50 million towards expansion of optic fibre connectivity to accelerate Zambia’s digital migration in the next two years.
Chief executive officer Simon Muwowo said the company has to date injected US$110 million in phase one and two of optic fibre connectivity.
“We are injecting an additional US$50 million to support Government’s objective of developing a robust digital space in the economic transformation of the country.
“We are supporting the Government-led Smart Zambia programme of [in] providing connectivity countrywide. We are going in areas where the private sector may not see any economic sense,” Mr Muwowo said in an interview on Wednesday.
Fibrecom is a subsidiary of Zesco Limited created to provide critical services of power grid protection, supervisory control and data acquisition to advance the deployment of information and communications technology through the provision of the backbone network to other service providers. CLICK TO READ MORE

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