Female journalists get push for management roles

THE Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), in collaboration with the Graca Machel Trust-Women In Media Network (GMT-WIMN), has launched a mentorship programme for journalists in broadcast media in Zambia.
The mentorship programme is aimed at empowering journalists to speak authoritatively on women and children’s issues.
IBA director general Josephine Mapoma said at the launch on Monday that the overall objective of the programme is to empower mentors to contribute to changing the narrative about women and children in a professional manner.
“The programme will target journalists in middle management with the hope that they will in the near future be elevated to senior management positions. The idea is not to multiply but amplify voices of women in media,” Ms Mapoma said.
She said the journalists who will be mentored will be expected to mentor others in future.
She said the mentors that will be on the programme will cut across several sectors, including print media, commerce, agriculture and law, among others.
“We want to develop a culture of nurturing the people that get into the media fraternity as well as inspire the young ones to work in this important sector,” she said.
Earlier, GMT-WIMN member Ruth Kamwi said the collaboration with IBA marks another milestone in the network’s resolve to change the narrative.
Mrs Kamwi said through the mentorship programme, journalists will be groomed to confidently contribute to the ‘Women Advancing Africa’ movement and women advancing Zambia agenda.
“We hope to have more stories on women and children’s issues making headlines in our news bulletins and make it to the front pages of newspapers.
The point is to have balanced stories that truly reflect voices and identities of women and children,” she said.
She said it is also hoped that social media platforms will be flooded with positive stories about women and children as opposed to those that portray women as victims.

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