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‘Female gospel artistes in the Lord’


Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
WOMEN in the Bible, such as Hanna and Sara, both never gave up on the Lord’s intervention even when the world thought they would never have children in their old age, in case of Sara at the age of 80.
Remember the woman who was almost stoned to death after being found “guilty” of committing adultery, or indeed the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume from an Alabaster’s Box?
The Bible records that in Simon the leper’s home, where Jesus was dining, a Samaritan woman went on to wash his feet with her hair using a priceless perfume.
Closer to home, I have been taking account of some of the most amazing female gospel ministers who are transforming lives using gospel music.
Over the last seven days, songs such as Jennipher Nakanyika’s Pamusalaba, Meyer’s Nalisumina, Roberto’s Inkonto and Debbie’s Never Leave, all glorify the mighty power of God.
Through my many interactions with these “women of faith”, I have discovered that just as much as the menfolk strive to spread the word of God through music, women too, gladly worship him in truth and spirit.
Gospel songbirds like Penjani, Racheal Nyangwe, Nelly Zulu, Regina Mwanza, Deborah Chashi, Karen, Chilombo Fundi and Suwilanji, are all exceptional gospel music crusaders who never cease to uplift the name of the Lord.
Ruth Ndhlovu and God’s Image are also another duo of the inspirational up-coming gospel artistes whose songs such as Ishiwi, Mundikurulukire, Lesa Tabekela and About Jesus, always talk about nothing but just that Jesus.
Ever listened to Emestine’s Icebo album? What an inspiring praise and worship collection of hope, faith and salvation that she brings in Jesus Christ’s family.
Jennipher Nakanyika debuted on the Christian music arena with an uplifting gospel album titled Naileta, exactly 10 years after the demise of her father.
But often times, she says God ministers to his people with songs because even when we go through the valley of the shadow of death, we are able to confess that the Lord is our shepherd.
Since our God is a God of peace and love, most female gospel musicians have come to exalt and magnify Him in song and dance with gladness.
While Kings Mumbi, a.k.a. Malembe Malembe has had the “biggest” share of praise from the Christian music fraternity, songstresses such as Kristin Nkole, have also added some “Heavenly” favour to the Royal Gospel band’s albums.
Since debuting on the gospel platform, Kings has been seen to thrive in collaborating with the likes of Kristin on the group’s studio album including their debut Uwampela Ameno.
Kristin’s own latest album, E Lesa, the sequel to her stunning debut, fyonse, is just as amazing as when she is performing and recording with Kings.
Mweshi Mulusa, proudly known as the “Queen of Worship”, continue to edify the name of the Lord with her most recent albums, Jubilee (2014), Hymns of Saints (2013) and Zambian Praise (2010).
Lawrence Chishimba, one of the fast-rising and blessed ministers of gospel, has prodded the womenfolk to work together and not feel intimidated, citing the likes of Suwilanji, Karen and Kristin as perfect examples.
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